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Finished Monet Am I the Only Normal One? The Early Bird Ate Too Many Worms and Died! Nice Kitty:  Rabid Series
Rabid Beagle:  Rabid Series Catfish Hunter:  Rabid Series Fly Me to the Moon Bamboo Silk

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Art Source Gallery

Idaho's Source for Fine Art

 Art Source Gallery - Biography

Art Source Gallery opened their doors on November 3, 1993 at 315 South Capitol Boulevard.  A three member jury panel selected 35 artists to be members and show their work. Since then, the gallery has relocated to 1015 West Main Street and currently 40 members show their work in this artist co-op.  Their art can also be found at the Boise Airport in Concourse B.


All hanging artwork is original.

Prints and reproductions can found in bins located throughout the 2 locations.


In 2013, Art Source will celebrate 20 years of bringing the best of Idaho Artists to Boise and look forward to having you help them celebrate.


If you are interested in a particular piece of art or artist and you would like more information, please leave your name, email, phone number, question or comment and someone from our gallery will get back with you promptly.


If you are interested in becoming a member please read our application process and learn more About Joining.


Come visit us soon. 



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